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Latina Millennial Leadership & Entrepreneur Protégé Program 

2017 Latina Millennial Leadership & Entrepreneur Protégé Program


Thank you for your interest in applying to the 2017 Latina Millennial Leadership & Entrepreneur Protégé Program. 
Please read the following before you fill out the application (link to download application can be found at the bottom of this page).

Program Qualifications


The Latina Millennial Leadership & Entrepreneur Protégé Program is open to professional Latina leaders under the age of 35 years old. We are searching for rising leaders and innovators that are committed to achieving transformational change in their communities, countries, and professional fields with a global impact.  Through a competitive application process, the program will accept approximately eight exceptional leaders with the following qualifications:

  • Demonstration of leadership as indicated by professional, volunteer, and other activities.

  • Strength of character, motivation, and commitment to personal and professional goals.

  • Full intention to participate in all program activities.

  • between 18 - 35 years old


Please note: The program is not appropriate for women who are full-time students, seeking elected office, or going through professional or personal transition.  It requires a considerable time commitment and the full attention of all of the participants during the training sessions.

Applications Due January 9, 2016

Program begins January 23, 2016

Program Dates

Latina Global Executive Leadership Program

January - August 2016

8 - month program

Leadership Program Schedule

Leadership & Entrepreneur Protégé Program Pricing

payment plans and scholarships available

You can apply for a partial scholarship in your application

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