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2015 Latina Corporate Executive of the Year
Liza Pano - Senior Vice President
Paramount Pictures


The Latina Global Executive Leadership Institute’s mission is to mobilize the transformation of Latina mid to senior level corporate, non-profit and government managers to executive ranks by:

  • Providing high-performing Latina managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to accelerate their development into the executive ranks for increasing optimal business performance.

  • Providing culturally-relevant strategies that allow executive Latina participants to step into leadership roles and promote the value of a bicultural influence.

  • Empowering Latina managers to become influential change agent leaders who can align their organization’s business initiatives with social responsibility participation.



To have a pipeline of Latina executive leaders equipped to effectively operate anywhere in the world.  With the ability to articulate a global encompassing vision that inspires others to work together in a gender-inclusive culture and maximize a triple bottom line: organizational profit, individual fulfillment and societal enrichment.


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