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Latina Millennial Leadership and Entrepreneur Protégé Program



The Latina Millennial Leadership and Entrepreneur Protégé  Program is an intensive, innovative 8 - month immersion program which utilizes Harvard's Authentic Leadership Curriculum developed by Harvard Professor Bill George. 

Program Purpose


The purpose of the program, which embraces the principles used in Harvard’s groundbreaking Authentic Leadership Development (ALD) program is to enable Latina Millenial Leaders to work and be mentored by 30 powerful corporate, non-profit and goverment high-level Latinas.  




  1. To enable Latina Millenial Leaders to understand their leadership journeys and their crucibles by reflecting upon and framing their life stories and experiences to date.

  2. To understand why leaders lose their way and the self-awareness needed to avoid derailment.

  3. To participate fully in open, intimate small-group discussions about the reflective exercises they have completed on their own.

  4. To gain clarity about their leadership principles, values, and ethical boundaries, and how they will respond under pressure when challenged.

  5. To understand what is motivating them, both extrinsically and intrinsically, and to find leadership paths that will enable them to utilize their motivated capabilities.

  6. To explore how to build support teams and lead an integrated life.

  7. To understand the purpose of their leadership and empower other leaders, while they are optimizing their leadership effectiveness.

  8. To create Personal Leadership Development Plans to guide them throughout their lives.


Intellectual Premise and Course Concepts


The premise of the Latina Protégé Program is that leaders who are mentored, know themselves well and consciously develop their leadership abilities throughout their lifetimes, will be more effective and more successful leaders and will lead more satisfying and fulfilling lives. To do so, leaders must take responsibility for their own development, rather than relying entirely on their organizations for leadership development.


The Latina Protégé Program will provide Latina Millenials with ideas, techniques, and tools to assist them in their leadership development journeys, exploring concepts such as lifelong leadership development, the power of  their life story, the impact of their crucible, discovering their authentic self, knowing their values, leadership principles, and ethical boundaries, understanding their motivated capabilities, building support teams, leading an integrated life, purpose-driven, empowering leadership, and improving leadership effectiveness through their style and use of power.


Leadership Development Teams


Each protégé will rotate between  leadership development teams throughout the eight-month program, each consisting of five high-level Latinas. The leadership teams will meet monthly to complete the assignment for the month. These teams enable participants to discuss personal materials in a more intimate group setting and to encourage a higher level of openness and reflection.


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